Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Meet Tallie

So on this journey I wanted to introduce you to my copilot.  Tallie is my six month old black lab rescue, she may be a bit of a mix, that will help me with some of my future posts.  She's incredibly good for a six month old puppy and really hasn't destroyed anything besides her own bedding.  She's incredibly smart and a ball of energy that I really can't seem to ever wear out.  You'd think two hours at the dog park playing fetch, wrestling with other dogs, and just all in all running around would make her tired.  You are very wrong.

So why do I include Tallie in my dividend blog?  We all know that this is a journey as we work towards financial independence and while we strive to save every dime, nickel, and penny we can you need to remember that there are things worth spending money on, that also give you incredible satisfaction because of they unrequited love and affection.  Tallie is someone who I gladly spend a few extra bucks a month on because she brings my life great joy and entertainment.  She also does a fantastic job by giving me free entertainment by going to the park and helping me stay healthy by exercising while there.  I get to enjoy nature when I take walks with her and meet new friends because dog lovers have a special bond and are always willing to talk to fellow dog owners.

Try to remember that as you follow whatever path you are on, there are some reasons you should deviate from it to enjoy life just a little bit more.  Sometimes the simplest companions can bring the biggest joys.


  1. Welcome to the Dividend scene, it's one of the best communities I've ever seen. Tallied is adorable. I wish you many years of happiness together.

  2. Thanks for the comment Rich, and I definitely have noticed that this group is one of the most supportive and fantastic group of people out there. I actually have another post about Tallie upcoming as she's adorable, but every once in a while she's just a wee bit evil too! Happy dividends to you!

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