Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Driptasic June

Once I buy a stock I tend to set it on auto pilot to drip the dividends back into the stock.  DRIPing is the automatic reinvestment of dividends into the stock paying the dividends and is free at most investment accounts.  This allows the dividends to work harder for me the next time they come around and really works to highlight compounting over time with you initial investment.  I like to look at VWLEX as my baseline:

Stock                Purchase Date    Share Price          Shares          Total Cost

Stock                Current Price    Shares              Values
So what was the reinvested amount you ask?  It turns out that almost half of my gain the this mutual fund is directly from reinvested dividends.  The total market cost of my position is now $13,725.56, meaning that #3,757.57 have been reinvested and helped to almost double my returns.  Keep in mind I bought this at the beginning of 2008 so the worst was yet to come in the markets, but this highlights long term compounding and how DRIP can be one of your best friends.

Driptastic results in Juse as follows:

Bought 0.66 O @ 45.2191
Bought 1.174 LINE @ 10.259
Bought 2.729 VWLEX @ 39.47
Bought 0.576 VIV @ 13.8073
Bought 0.873 VIV @ 13.8073
Bought 0.998 VIV @ 13.8073
Bought 1.771 VIV @ 13.8073
Bought 3.304 BAC @ 16.9848
Bought 0.304 XLF @ 24.4015

Bought 7.122 LNCO @ 10.2487
Bought 2.223 BP @ 42.6498
Bought 0.028 RDS.A @ 62.434
Bought 2.348 RDS.A @ 62.434
Bought 0.402 AIG @ 62.7432

Bought 1.221 BBEP @ 5.4038
Bought 0.946 VNR @ 15.0982
Bought 0.443 RIG @ 17.074
Bought 0.54 XLU @ 41.4746

So how about you, do you DRIP or not?  Please share your experiences and why you do what you do.

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