Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Bad days and the little things

So I posted last about Tallie, my wonderful Black Lab that keeps me entertained and provides lots of relatively free entertainment.  Well as anyone who owns a pet can tell you there is always that one time when you walk in and discover that your furry friend has done something unexpected.  So Saturday June 28 I went to bed with Tallie sleeping comfortably by my side.  I woke up to her still next to me, but when I came downstairs I found that someone had had some mischievous moments over night.  Tallie DECIMATED my wallet overnight.  The type of decimation that you really never expect to see, especially since I was scheduled to fly to Chicago for the Fourth.

This may be a problem...

So yeah this is what it looks like when your dog gets a hold of your ID and decided to take it for a spin.  Clearly she did me a favor though by leaving me all the pertinent information needed to show who I was.  Luckily I had my passport and could use that at the airport, but this is a bit inconvenient.  So what other fun things did she decimate?  Funny you should ask that as this was the Sunday that would keep on giving, without further ado I give you the shit that broke on me on Sunday photo!

So what do we have going on here?  Well the brown is clearly my wallet or at least what's left of it.  I believe that this clearly is the definition of demolished.  My license has clearly seen better days as did my Costco card, but here's where the rest of the day got really fun.  See that white cord that is supposed to charge my phone and that little silver thing just in front of it?  Yeah that's the lightning connector that got stuck in my phone.  No big deal $30 to fix it and charge my phone right?  Well I went out and bought myself a brand new shiny white cord and find that my phone isn't charging, glorious...  So far it's turning into what looks to be a pretty rough Sunday, but what else can go wrong?  Well as it turns out it wasn't over.

Inside the Apple store I was actually lucky enough to walk in and get a genius appointment forty minutes after my arrival.  Anyone who's lives near a normal Apple store knows that this was  likely a stroke of luck on a weekend in a busy city as these stores are packed during this time frame.  This was when I quickly discovered that the off brand cable I had been using to charge my phone has fried my phone when it broke and I needed a new phone.  Epic...just what I wanted to do with my hard earned money.  It was then I found out that I couldn't actually purchase a phone at Apple anymore as they can't do contract upgrades.  Thank you ATT, love your dividend, dislike your upgrade policy. I thought luckily there is an authorized dealer in the mall so this should be an easy experience and I can get my phone and move on pretty quickly.  Well, as it turns out, you can't renew your contract with an authorized dealer, you actually have to go through their next program.  Ridiculous that this is the practice they have, but the day gets even better.

So off I went to leave the mall and find a new iphone for myself which should have been a relatively painless experience.  But with the way this day is going let's be honest, it's not going to be that simple.  This is where the little piece of paper comes in on the table in the picture.  Yes if you can read it you read it right.  Someone hit my car while in the mall, but at least they left a note.  At this point I'm starting to wonder who I pissed off and what I can do to right the cosmos as this is quickly becoming borderline absurd.  So off I went and finally got a competent individual who I was able to purchase a phone from and go on my merry way.  

At this point I'm driving home and am talking to my parents and received some other fun news.  We use the same accountant to file our taxes and being that I'm in the process of moving to a new state I have them as the contact address for any mail I receive.  As it turns out my accountant checked the wrong box and deferred my refund to 2016, awesome $3000 dollars that I was expecting to invest gone with the flick of the wrist.  Time to go home and board up the windows and doors and pretend that the world doesn't exist.

So why do I outline what a ridiculously horrible day?  Am I looking for a pity party?  Am I just venting?  Do I really just want someone to tell me it will all be ok?  The answer to all of these is a resounding no.  The reason I write this tale is to tell you to remember what's important in the scheme of things.  Do you think I yelled at or spanked my do?  Absolutely not, she's going to break something at some point, it was an accident, and it wasn't like it was malicious.  Stuff happens, it's important to remember that.  I ended up taking Monday off to recollect and decompress from a terrible day.  Coming into the office the next day I wasn't pissed off or angry, but when telling people why I wasn't there the day before was a story of insanity and ridiculousness in a you aren't going to believe it kind of way.  Finding a way to laugh at it because you legitimately can't believe that much stuff can happen in one day is important.  Will this one day derail my long term plans at financial independence?  Nope, it may slow me down this year, but it's a blip in the radar and it's what emergency funds are for.  How about you all, how do you recover from those horrible, terrible, no good days?

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