Wednesday, August 12, 2015

July 2015 Dividend Wrap Up

Ah another month and now my second post on my passive income stream.  I like to think of this as my freedom from doing what others want me to do as I'm really liking the current volatility that I'm seeing right now.  My portfolio is down, but I'm building some cash reserves for what I see as the taper tantrum that is coming when the fed finally raises rates.   I think the market has some of it prices in, but I'm almost certain tat people will freak and give us a buying opportunity on some REITs and other assets that will help propel my portfolio forward.  That being said let's look at a breakdown of my July income:


In July my passive income was $466.75 versus my 2014 income of $339.81.  This is an increase of 37.356169624201755% (love the oddly specific percentages) which is fantastic.  This is another huge increase over 2014 and one more step closer to financial independence.  As you can see though the bulk of my dividends are in my IRA so long term wise I have a lot of work to follow up on my investment account to allow me to retire early.  Overall I'd say I had a pretty solid month and my investment account is starting to pull its own weight as it is coming to be more and more in line with my other accounts which are my heavier hitters.  I'm hoping to see the current volatility continue and begin to top off this account to really start to propel my returns.  

How did you all do in July, share your journey to fiscal freedom!


  1. Duncan,

    Great progress compared to last year, well done! Keep it up and you'll be financially free before you know it.


  2. Thanks NMW! Getting the rocket fueled up and ready to go is the hard part. Unfortunately the money is all in retirement accounts for the most part. A good problem to have mind you, so financial freedom is still a long way off. I also don't count my 401k as it is harder to break down my dividends from it. I know they are there, I don't know how much they are consistently, basically because of a lousy website. Thank for coming to my corner of the web.