Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Prosper Update August 2015

Another month and another time to look in at my smallest passive income stream, but one that I look at as my play money.  Probably not the best way, but I've invested $50 a month to invest in a couple new micro loans each month (on top of the interest payments) and I like what I'm seeing so far.  I've had a pretty good run the last month with my seasoned loans increasing, those loans that are over 10 months, and the return on investment starting to creep back up again.  So here's a breakdown since last month.

As you can see compared to last month I've had some nice trending.  I haven't invested the money this month basically because I forgot to and I don't like the auto invest feature as I have certain metrics that I look at and won't touch loans if they don't meet that criteria.  I'm also not a fan of a robot selecting my loans for me.

So looking from last month to this month my rate of return has increased by almost 3% which is amazing for a one month comparison.  My seasoned loans scored even better going from 5.17% to 8.38% which is an even more amazing 3.21% increase over last month.  To put the rate of return in context here's a breakdown since I have started in January of 2014.
Clearly I'm doing pretty well despite a couple of deadbeats which were charged off.  Overall the trend is very healthy and I'm quite pleased with the returns.  Has anyone tried Prosper since my last post?  If so please share your results and experiences.

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